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With the accelerating pace of technological innovation comes widespread challenges for infrastructure managers. We recognise that balancing daily service delivery with transitioning to new technologies isn’t easy.

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Perth Rail and Ferry Ticketing Vending Machines – E700

ClientSouthern Ionics Inc
Mineral TypeMineral Sands

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia, through its transit provider Transperth, funds and manages the public transport network.

Client: Public Transport Authority of Western Australia
Location: Perth, WA Capability Groups: Asset and Facilities Management, and Operations
Commencement: 2007 Completion: 20010
Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract Value: AU $21 million

Transperth, through a mixture of private bus and ferry operators and its Transperth Train rail operator, provides an integrated transit service for Greater Perth and utilises a tag on/off smartcard fare payment system (SmartRider).

The PTA used the opening of a new rail line as an opportunity to upgrade its aging fleet of ticket vending machines. The new devices commenced entry into revenue operation in December 2007.


Design, build/supply, install, commission and maintain 150 touch screen, EFTPOS enabled ticket vending machines for Greater Perth Rail and Ferry service; includes a full suite of integrated asset tracking, condition status monitoring and maintenance management systems.

Project Challenges

A key project challenge was to maintain the current ticketing environment while implementing the new network. This was to ensure revenue was not compromised and commuters were not penalised incorrectly.

How We Managed This

NGT worked closely with the PTA through scheduling and communication to maintain ticket sales availability. Where required a mobile solution was provided which was designed by NGT.

Value Adding

NGT also worked with a PSTN connectivity solution provided by the PTA mid-way through the project.

NGT worked with the PSTN solution provider to integrate into the ticketing network and ensure communication of EFTPOS devices. NGT enhanced skills in this field, value adding to the PTA.

Zero Harm

NGT maintained an incident free project environment throughout this undertaking. Take 5 and pre-start meetings were integral to this result.

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