Specialised Technology

Offering an innovative approach to delivering goods and managing remote assets in geographically challenging locations, drone technology is bringing significant advantages to critical infrastructure management.

By understanding and predicting our customer's needs we bring world leading ideas to transform possibilities into reality.

It’s the trusted relationships we build with our customers, colleagues and communities that allow us to create and sustain our modern environment.

The challenge

Staying up to date with new and emerging technologies while managing and transitioning existing infrastructure operations to take advantage of these technologies provides both opportunities and challenges for infrastructure managers.


With a deep understanding of our customer's objectives and a focus on research and development, we deliver proven solutions which integrate new technologies to
create success for our customers.

Smart street lighting

Approximately 40 per cent of local government agencies costs are related to the deployment, powering, operations and maintenance of the lighting network. Our strategic partnership with gridComm is transforming street lighting infrastructure into energy-aware, remotely monitored and managed networks, saving on power consumption, labour costs and delivering an improved carbon footprint.

Accommodating multiple lighting technologies including high pressure sodium vapour, mercury vapour, metal halide and new LED luminaire products (which allow for gradual change out of luminaires with LED products as and when capital budgets permit) the system also delivers added benefits by creating an IoT and Smart City backbone which supports sensor connectivity via LoRa.

Installed in numerous locations worldwide, the gridComm system is proving to be a key infrastructure deployment for the transformation of urban environments into Smart Cities.

Asset tracking

With proven short term payback, our asset tracking systems monitor and manage the movement of people, vehicles and goods, saving time, resources and delivering increasing efficiencies for customers.

With our strategic partners, Wayray and Track’Em, we deliver cloud-based asset tracking and telematics solutions delivering a real time, holistic view and understanding of all assets. Data is captured via smart phones, IoT and GPS devices. Using cloud-based predictive analytics, information is communicated via a range of mediums including SMS notifications and 3D status visualisations.

IoT analytics

Electronic devices such as smartphones constantly emit unique signals assisting in the collection of ‘widecast’ data which aids in understanding customer patterns and profiles.

Our strategic partner Trendwise is a leader in the area of next generation customer analytics. Trendwise systems are integrated into our project solutions and help with the planning of investment and asset justification in current and new locations.

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